Avataaars Generator is a simple web app for generating avatars

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Hi guys, I saw @pablostanley posted avataaars https://www.producthunt.com/post... on Wednesday, I love it so much and can’t help thinking it would be super awesome if there is a web app for generating avataaars, so that even people don’t have Sketch installed can also use it. With that idea in mind, I spent few nights building this simple web app. You can select the options you want in the dropdown list and the change will be reflecting on the web page, and you can download it as PNG file by tapping on the download button. There are still some nested override options not available currently, such as for now you cannot change hair color or facial hair style, I will add them later. Hope you like it 😁
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@fangpenlin I love this web app! Thanks for making it, looking forward to future updates!
@fangpenlin It would be so much better if you use visible pictures instead of selectboxes. You can take a look avatarmaker.com for inspiration.
@ozgrozer that sounds like a great idea, will do, thanks for sharing 😁 👍
Just updated avataaars generator, now you can choose facial hair and the color and also hair color!
Just refresh the web page then you can see some new options pops up!
Feature request: randomize/shuffle option. This could be useful for people creating several non-specific avatars.
@rrhoover That's a great idea, will add it soon 😄 👍
@rrhoover I just added random avatar button, try it out https://imgur.com/a/aO437
@fangpenlin amazing! That was fast. :)
Great job !! This is so great , easy to use and easy to download😊
Just love how community has got together on this and created bunch of awesome things with what started as a freebie from Pablo Stanley.
Great avatar designs! Is it possible to generate random avatar and embed in on the website? It would be cool to use some kind of hash (or email) to get the same random image every time!