Generative digital art stored on the Ethereum Blockchain

Avastars.io allows anyone to create a unique Avatar NFT (Non-Fungible Token) by randomly generating them through scrolling. Each Avastar selected for purchase is minted on a 2nd Generation NFT with all of the metadata hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
I discovered Avastars through my work with the nft42 team. They have created a really fun way to generate unique Avatars by going to Avastars.io, and clicking "Discover." By scrolling down you randomly generate unique Avatars out of original artwork, and if you find one you like there is the option for purchase. Each Avastar purchased becomes a digital asset or NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Unlike most NFTs, Avastars uses a progressive technology that allows all of the information and metadata to be stored on the Ethereum Blockchain instead of 3rd party websites or IPFS. After a successful launch last week we have almost sold through the first 5000 units and are looking forward to releasing Gen1 Series 2. It only takes 2 clicks to start scrolling and randomly generating Avastars, and I would be very appreciative of any feedback. Thanks!!
I have been scrolling for days! Found some gems too. What I’m most excited about, and the reason I would recommend them highly is, that they are completely on the blockchain all the art, the whole shabang! Also being able 2-5 traits, each trait once, to crate custom replicants for keys and cruising the metaverse will be amazing! Peace 😎👍