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Thank you Bram for hunting Avant Arte! I'm Christian, one of the founders of Avant Arte. Avant Arte started out as an Instagram art blog. We posted the art we loved and this became a huge success with now more than 120.000 followers. The art world can feel really elitist and uninvited for an outsider. Thats why we have created Avant Arte, we wanted to create a fun and easy way to discover art. So today, 4th of April, we launched a Mobile art platform where art lovers can swipe through art and can connect with artist, galleries and museums. I'd love to get some feedback, I'm here to answer questions.
@christian_luiten looks cool! Is an Android app on the radar at all?
@scotu thank you!! Yes the android version is on our roadmap
Awesome app to discover amazing art (Tinder Style), discover art and get directly in touch with artists, galleries and musea. You can even buy art through this platform! Made my 2 awesome young guys from The Netherlands, inspired by Jay-Z's "Picasso baby" they though: "Who are the Picasso's of our time?" --> they started an Instagram account and after amassing 100K+ followers they're now launching this app, I love it! @christian_luiten can tell you more :)
In India, a friend ran something similar (albeit for web). It was called TouchTalent, but it failed to pick up — either in terms of traction or monetization. TouchTalent pivoted to a sticker app Bobble. Your traction on Insta is great, and if you are looking for going long term with the idea, I'd be interested in how you plan to make money.
@scotu thank you!! Yes the android version is on our roadmap
Interesting idea, I am going to try this out. Recently experimented with Etsy and such but getting discovered is a huge debacle when you are amongst literally a million other listings. Since it is mobile-only, I hope that creating a listing is not cumbersome (as I saw on Etsy) or atleast it might allow images to be imported from a different source like Google Photos etc.
@sarthakgrover Hi sarthak! Looking forward to seeing your artworks on our app!