Secure and free one-time password manager

Avain is a super simple, secure and free one-time password manager. Will be open-sourced soon! All data is encrypted/hashed client-side and master key never leaves the browser.

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Looks nice. Signed up. But unable to use it. Is it different from LastPass? How does it work? What am I supposed to after signing up? I wanted to save password for one of the website maitreapp but when I tried. It showed this - But nothing works. Where am I supposed to write username and password and how will I be able to access this saved website without password next time? On other hand, Just asking... Is there any way so that I can share my netflix account with my friend without telling them the real passwod of Netflix and just by giving avain password. Can this be possible?
@niteshmanav Hi Nitesh. This isn’t a password manager like LastPass. It is a one-time password manager like Google Authenticator.
@niteshmanav yeah it’s currently only a OTP manager..
@niteshmanav Have you been able to use it now? Would like to know the answer for your question - if you have it.
@niteshmanav @tapan_avasthi In the screenshot here you can see the Issuer name and Account name. Then there’s the secret code you’ll need from the website you’re trying to add. Some websites give you a ready-made URL or QR code, which Avain will support soon.
If you have any questions/comments, I'm happy to answer! 😎
@pakastin I don't understand how to use it. For instance, if I use it for a facebook account, what goes in the following fields: URL, Account name, Issuer name, Secret.
@tapan_avasthi Usually the URL is all you need, ot if you have the secret code. Account name (i.e. pakastin) and Issuer name (i.e. Product Hunt) are just extra info. I’m adding a QR code reader as well soon..
You can now scan QR code with camera or from an image file! It's all done locally, so no data leaves your browser during QR code scanning.
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