AVA Yoga Bodywear

Simplify and enhance your exercise routine

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Thanks for the love Andrew 😊 AVA is really near and dear to my heart. I started designing it about 4 years ago after the loss of a close friend and I was trying to get to the core of what yoga is about. It was so important to get out of my head at the time, so I wanted to get rid of as many distractions as possible. Although I love my gear because of all the benefits it provides, the amount of things I needed to carry seemed overwhelming. By taking all the benefits of the gear and consolidating them into something I could just wear on my hands and feet gave me the opportunity to really pay attention to what I needed during my practice. I could just walk right into the studio ready to go! 🙏 Thanks again for finding AVA and the team is super excited to be on PH 💕 Thank you all for the support!
The lovely people at AVA have put a lot of love into making this product that simplifies and enhances your yoga practice, consolidating all the benefits of your standard props into a set of wearables for your hands/feet. Come to the mat and focus on what is really important: your mind, your body, and your mat. It helps make yoga more accessible and enjoyable for beginners and pros alike!
@savitzaw this looks awesome!!! :)
@trgorczynski thought you'd like it! Should incorporate them into all your Untold Yoga classes 😉
this is amazing! 🙌 literally last week i was taking my first yoga class and i was super worried that i was doing it wrong (there's a lot of pressure 🙈). this seems like a really unique way to solve it. have you guys put much thought into using this for physical therapy? 💪
@erikcreates Erik! So happy we can give you some peace of mind as a beginner 🙌 we actually worked with some physical therapists in the beginning of the design process and it's something we absolutely want to explore as we expand! Thank you so much for the support 😊