Ava's patented multi-sensor bracelet, allows women to preci…

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@paul_hq Hi Paul! My name is Lea, I'm one of the co-founders of Ava. Sorry for getting back to you so late. I'm happy to give you a bit more detailed answer to what we are doing: The basis for our technology is this: The hormones in a woman's body impact much more than just the things we all knew so far (like temperature, mood, skin etc.) they also impact various physiological parameters. Those changes are tiny and can't be felt. With the Ava bracelet we are able to measure those tiny changes and translate them with high accuracy to cycle relevant information and ovulation detection/prediction for a woman. I hope it is understandable, that we still can't reveal our sensors. We have started a clinical study at the University hospital in Zurich (under the lead of Prof. Dr. Leeners) a while back and are now able to show the correlation between our measurements and the hormonal reference measurements we took (blood and urine tests). Our sensitivity to recognize ovulation has already exceeded the sensitivity for the temperature method. We are now further improving our algorithms with additional clinical data and improved hardware. I hope my answer was detailed enough. We will publish a first paper beginning 2016 and happy to share it with you at that point.
A truly inspired team with a powerful vision and groundbreaking technology.
I watched this pitch and was a little put off by how guarded the founders were about the technology. It made the whole thing seem a little sketchy, to be honest. Can somebody explain in better detail what vitals/metrics this device is tracking and how that correlates to superior fertility predictions?