Auxy 2.0

A music studio in your pocket

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Henrik Lenberg
Henrik LenbergMaker@lenberg · Founder of Auxy
Today we're releasing a complete redesign of Auxy, which now runs on both iPad and iPhone. Our goal has been to make it possible to add more instruments and arrange full tracks. Let us know what you think!
Lucas Korol
Lucas Korol@lucakorol · CTO & Head of Prd Design @codeandpepper
@lenberg Cool product! Any plans to launch Android version?
Henrik Lenberg
Henrik LenbergMaker@lenberg · Founder of Auxy
@lucakorol no plans at the moment but we hope to get there in the future.
Jon Vanhala
Jon Vanhala@jonvanhala · crossfade partners
@lenberg congrats i'm late to this thread but enjoying the app.
Ben Scully
Ben Scully@a_mugsgame · Product Owner // Novation Music
Really enjoyed the early iterations of Auxy, so can't wait to check this out!!!!
Tom Flemming
Tom Flemming@tomflemming
<3 Super awesome.
Kyle Visner
Kyle Visner@kyle_visner
Very cool, but it seems to alway make house :p
Jens Alfke
Jens Alfke@jens_alfke
@kyle_visner It makes _both_ kinds of music — house and techno.
Martin Bryant
Martin Bryant@martinsfp · Tech and media consultant
I've been playing with this for a few days - *very* nice indeed. A deceptively powerful tool once you dig into it, and now with an easier-to-use interface.