Modern beat making for the iPad

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Hi I'm Henrik from Auxy! We've worked really hard on making it easy to get into the creative flow--killing a lot of features and ideas along the way--so we're super excited to hear what you think of the app. Also happy to answer any questions!
@lenberg Henrik, looks very cool. I noticed you are hiring for audio DSP engineers -- we've got a library that does a lot of heavy lifting for DSP -- see our post on Product Hunt here:
@pv funny I was just browsing iZotope and similar sites for something like this. Will definitely check it out when things calm down a bit. :) Thanks!
A beat maker tool for electronic music by @lenberg (ex @soundcloud vp) Looks really promising :)
This looks so fun. I have very fond memories playing with MTV Music Generator, which looks like a very basic version of this.
@rrhoover wow, wasn't aware of the generator. Looks awesome! Hope we're able to add something to it... ;)
I love electronic music and how it can spread, so I was happy to meet Henrik last year and invest a small amount:
Reminds me of Figure, but looks much more flexible!
@danlev yeah Figure is an awesome app and we're trying to offer more flexibility indeed.
@danlev Figure was super fun and amazingly designed sequencer interface. Unfortunately no ipad to try this one out!