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I will forever get excited every time there is a new product that allows users to listen to music or watch TV together despite their location. This is true social media.
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Ooh, I saw Aux on Planet of the Apps! Loved the demo and cannot wait to try it out on Android. ✌
Seems like the biggest complaint from their users is the use of Facebook login.
@johnnygettem yeah, pretty damaging considering it's not a core feature. Curious what @thanasistrat thinks about these reviews and whether they'll adapt the product as a result.
@johnnygettem @chrismessina We are working on more ways to login and even letting users join a party without signing in at all. We just need to take care of a few bugs first.
Pretty ironic that we won't see an iPhone with an AUX port ever again.
My initial questions were: How do I invite people to my parties? How do discover other parties? But then I realized after some backtracking that this is a virtual aux cord for IRL gatherings, which is a great idea, but PLEASE just take one second in the app to explain what your app does before I get myself confused. Just a one screen explainer in the app.