The macOS window manager for JavaScript hackers

Personalize your Mac experience by writing custom JavaScript to automate many things, including managing your windows, in a fun explorable IDE-like environment with built-in documentation

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Seems like a powerful product, but I believe it would be beneficial to add some kind of built in catalog. So people can share their code snippets (packages) and end-user can use any existing packages (many non-technical people want just to use a product, not to code).
@kura955 Thanks for the feedback, that's actually on the todo list!
Great product, seems very useful!
Hi, I made this app and am very happy with how it turned out. I'd love to hear what you think of it! I'm especially happy with how smooth of a user experience I was able to come up with and I think it's by far unmatched in existing similar apps.
Oh yes! A month ago I was asking for something along the lines of Autum ( Is your roadmap public? Why not use the mighty force of open software? I know I'm not the only mac-automator frustrated programmer out there...
@nmaxcom Thanks for the feedback, glad you found something along the lines of what you were looking for 😄 as for open source, I have spent a lot of time polishing every edge and corner of this app and some of those hours I should have been working on client work, so I put a price tag on Autumn to help me pay for the time that I spent making it such a high quality app and to help me keep the lights on
@sephoric I totally get you! I've been there. I wasn't suggesting to go open source AND free, just the former. There are plenty of ways to monetize OS software, and there's indeed a market niche for Autumn, so you'd get a lot of js/mac hackers to make Autumn even more valuable, widespread and less buggy (and I'd rather have "issues" than "tickets" every day of the week). Besides, you don't have to open source the whole thing, just the connecting bits between Autumn and macOS. And whether we like it or not, almost any OSX app is "open-sourceable", Autumn included. One last thing: Autumn only works in 12.14 upwards; currently the adoption stats on that is around 30%, which is to say that 7 out of 10 mac users can't use Autumn. Anyhow! This turned out to be a sermon, my apologies 😃
@nmaxcom One of my highest priorities is making it work on macOS 10.13 and possibly lower. As for open sourcing the connection bits, I'm not sure what the advantage of this is. I'd rather create a JS layer over the low-level bits, like an FFI so that users can do this themselves and share their lower-level JS code with each other.
Cool tool! Is there an official user forum or subreddit for posting and reading about scripts others have made? I've got an idea for one I'd like to make and want to share it once it's done :)
@joethebon Sharing your scripts with others and finding scripts others have made is going to be a built in feature soon. Keep an eye out! :D