AutoWater Pro

Smart kitchen tap for filtration and touchless on/off

#2 Product of the DayApril 27, 2018

AutoWater Pro is an add-on that turns any faucet into a touchless, smart device. With a simple swiping motion, you may turn the tap on or off. This way, you can stay germ free and eliminate cross-contamination. It's strong purifying forces at the molecular level ensures the highest level of chlorine adsorption while making zero compromise in water flow.

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Pretty cool device. But this is not really new tech right? motion sensor is already in use in sinks in public restrooms everywhere.... without the filtering aspect. I can see this on a kitchen sink where space is usually not an issue, but this seems rather bulky for most bathroom faucets. The one thing I agree with is the price. Finally a product that's smart and it's not over $200.
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There is one thing I don’t get on this type of touch less faucet. How do you control the temp/speed of the water? I can’t imagine a situation in the kitchen that I just want water but I don’t care whether it is warm or cold.
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Hi! It's really cool device!
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I can't imagine my life without this device.
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Kickstarter is an amazing place to look for some cool products that are worth talking about. I came across Autowater Pro and instantly liked the idea. So, here's me talking about it on my favorite product community :) Autowater Pro is a perfect point of use appliance to manage your indoor water consumption. Within the housing, the device is installed with an activated carbon fiber composite filter to purify 100% of the contaminants. Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) is thought to be one of the best absorbent in adsorption applications for its considerable advantages over other commercial storage materials. This seems like a super useful product and I genuinely hope it succeeds :)