Curated content & bot updates about your favorite cars

hey Marco(s), this looks interesting. Can you elaborate on the use cases (other than car fanatics probably), and the tech behind it?
@danialtz thanks, you can apply this technology for example in fashion, following your favourite brands or products and get a heads up about special promotions and offers, sales, etc. Sports is another area, specially if you follow different sports, be alerted to incoming events, get results digests, stats, and so We're working on the healthcare area too, although it's a bit soon to unveil how we're applying the concept as it's still being worked on :-) About the technology, we have developed our own bot platform, that powers this product. Two of the core aspects are what we call "dialogue engine" that takes care of all user personalization, interaction (basically the bot memory and soul) and the scout engine, the part that scans sources of information to extract the relevant info for the user.
this looks interesting. Let me try
Hello all from Portugal! Many thanks to Jack Smith @_jacksmith for hunting us. is personal news scout bot that works in the background to bring fresh updates and deals on cars people love and want. We’re focusing on bots that do the hardwork, sorting and digesting information to deliver personalized news to each user. How it works? Tell Autoviva the cars you’d like to follow and the bot goes to work, scanning our own content and a selection of curated sources. Personalized breaking news are then delivered through the app or your favourite messenger. These get increasingly fine tuned as the bot interacts and dialogues with users. Some other cool features: - micro-apps for fun or useful stuff like quizzes and community like battle - bot handover to a human, when certain criteria are met - imessage extension app where you can search for every car and share with friends For the future we’re working on adding motorsports and a car buying assistant service (i.e. “find me sporty SUV under 40K”) as well as new projects on fashion and retailing. Happy to answer your questions and eager for some community feedback.