Hands-free time tracking app for the Mac status bar

Autotimer is easy time tracking that you don't have to think about. Autotimer keeps track of your updates to specific files and updates the time you have worked on your various projects accordingly.

This app is absolutely free in the Mac app store stays in your status bar so you always know how long you've worked!

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2 Reviews2.5/5
The motivation for this project is to help people have a better understanding of how they spend their time. It is absolutely FREE in the Mac App Store. I hope you like it!
I gave it a try... uninstalled after 2 minutes. Unfortunately, the experience was frustrating. The interface isn't very good and I could not figure it out. The app is full of scrolls, including a horizontal scroll in the main part. The UI is unintuitive and I couldn't figure out what's clickable and what's not or even how to actually start the app.
Same experience here. Right now it is not worth the install.
@anthony_dito I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. The idea of the app intrigued me and I really wanted to try it out. I was looking forward to seeing what it has to offer. That's why I got frustrated when I wasn't able to figure out how to even start it. I'm sure the app gets better and I'll be happy to give it another try once you work a bit on the UI. Or if you want, send me a tweet and I can give you some constructive feedback.
@pawelkadysz No need to apologize! I really appreciate your honest feedback and I never thought you were rude at all, and the app definitely needs work. I'm sorry you were frustrated with the app! I don't have a Twitter, but would appreciate any and all feedback if you are comfortable emailing me at
@pawelkadysz I'm happy to announce a version 2.0 of Autotimer that can be downloaded at
how to get rid of this gadget - I have shut it down and yet it says that I cannot erase it because it is open, which it is not, I have even erased all the files that comes with it, and still I cannot erase it grrrr