Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch

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David-Anthony Gordon
I have used a few apps to track my sleep since I got my Apple Watch and most involved remembering to have to start the app and press a button so that it would start tracking. Then, I would have to remember to press a button to stop tracking. It wasn't the most efficient system. Then, I came across AutoSleep, from the makers of HeartWatch, due to a review by … See more
@katesegrin · Community @ Product Hunt
I absolutely adore this idea (I'm a huge dork for sleep data) but Apple Watches don't have the kind of battery power to wear all day and then track sleep all night, so you'd have to pick one, which is unfortunate.
Steven Q Tran
@stevenqt · Copywriter
I've been waiting for a proper sleep tracking watch app. It would be great if they had sleep cycle alarm features through.