Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch

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I have used a few apps to track my sleep since I got my Apple Watch and most involved remembering to have to start the app and press a button so that it would start tracking. Then, I would have to remember to press a button to stop tracking. It wasn't the most efficient system. Then, I came across AutoSleep, from the makers of HeartWatch, due to a review by Federici on MacStories, The amazing thing about this app is that you only need to install it on your iPhone. It doesn't have a Watch app however, it can track your sleep using your Watch. After trying it, and not finding it a little hit and miss, I abandoned it until a new update came out in January. Since then, I have been enjoying the improvements to the app and the amazing accuracy. I just go to sleep and it begins tracking my sleep immediately. When I wake up, I have an accurate measurement of my sleep. Just to check that it really worked, I used it in conjunction with another app (which I had to start and stop) and the results were the same. This sold it for me. Version 3.0 is now out and makes the initial setup much simpler and the design is also cleaner. For me, this is the killer sleep app I've been waiting for.
I absolutely adore this idea (I'm a huge dork for sleep data) but Apple Watches don't have the kind of battery power to wear all day and then track sleep all night, so you'd have to pick one, which is unfortunate.
@katesegrin yeah, but thankfully it charges fast. What I do is put the watch on the dock while reading in bed. Then again in the morning while getting ready.
@andrewwarner @katesegrin me too. I charge it in the morning while getting ready. Then an hour before I go to sleep. All together an hour and 20 mins charge gets me through the day and night
@katesegrin I recently replaced the original Apple Watch with the series 2 and i have plenty of charge when I sleep. I only charge it when I cook or shower and it rarely goes below 70%.
@katesegrin My Apple Watch Series 2 lasts perfectly 2 days in intensive usage so I keep it overnight! ;-)
@katesegrin @andrewwarner I do this too, charges so fast and I don't think most people know that.
I've been waiting for a proper sleep tracking watch app. It would be great if they had sleep cycle alarm features through.
@stevenqt Don't think is possible now limit by the sdk

I am using AutoSleep since November. It's one of my favourite apps. Of course, always accompanied by the Heartwatch app. <3

It worths every penny of it.


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