Automatically shorten links by copying or sharing them ⛓️

AutoShorten allows you to shorten links easily: simply copy a link and when you paste it it'll already be shortened. You can also share a link with AutoShorten to shorten it and also limit the domains you want to shorten automatically, as well as choose between and

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Thanks for hunting, @fergaral96 :) It'd be really cool to see this on all platforms eventually. Do you have any plans?
@amrith As of right now, no, because I'm a student and I don't have too much time, but also I wonder if it could even be technically possible to do this on iOS, since it has stricter background limits for apps than Android. Will definitely investigate the possibility, though.
@amrith @fergaral96 great idea but I’m 99% sure it is not possible in iOS, as it is a huge security problem :) It would be cool if OS provided filters like “this app wants access to clipboard data that is of format https://***********” this way at least your passwords are secure
Great job!! Will check it out 😊
Thanks! I'll try