AutoResponder for Slack

Quick & easy out of office messages in Slack

Say goodbye πŸ‘‹ to unwanted Slack notifications with this new "please leave me the f*** alone" tool... ehherrm... I mean AutoResponder.
With two clicks, you can turn on a message that will respond each time someone DM's you or @username's you in a channel.
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Howdy Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ Kevin here, along with @douglasfranklin , co-founders of Treehoppr. You may remember us from our Product Hunt release of the Slack app, PTO Ninja (, a few months back. In the spirit of the upcoming summer and all the vacations you have planned, we decided to make AutoResponder, the most popular feature in PTO Ninja, a separate and free app for all users. If you're tired of constantly getting pinged on Slack when you're out of office and being lured back into work, this is the app for you. With two clicks, you can turn on a message that will respond each time someone DM's you or mentions you in a channel. We'd love to get your feedback and questions. Feel free to download it, try it out (again, it's free), and ask us anything you'd like! Cheers, Kevin - CEO of Treehoppr
Perfect tool, well done!
@lachlankirkwood Glad you like it! We hope it's simple and effective. Let us know how it worked for you after your next OOO.
Awesome tool and will be using!
@sergio_villasenor Great to hear! Let us know what you think after your next (hopefully notification-less) OOO.
Love this product! Makes it so much easier when I'm OOO and don't want a million notifications. Perfect tool for busy teams.
Thanks @victoria_o ! Glad to hear you're liking it. Be sure to share with your friends and colleagues!

Surprised it doesn't exist already


Super helpful for internal use


Two enhancements come to mind: - Option to only respond to each sender once per x hours. - Toggle to disable it on shared channels