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@ozgrozer thanks for hunting! We created Autoplay to be an easy way for keeping up with fresh videos online. Happy to hear what people think and if you have any suggestions for ways to make it even easier.
Great execution. Just a quick suggestion: Send the best videos from the category I want every day/week into my inbox.
@ldesserrey Also, how long did you take to build Autoplay? How are you handling the curation?
@ldesserrey Hey Laurent. I like the idea. We're looking for ways to make it easier to jump in straight to videos that would be interesting to you, so you don't always just go to This would be a great way of doing that. We've been working on this for around 6 months full-time. The curation is handled using a custom tool that lets bring in video sources like users/channels/rss/etc from different places like YouTube & Vimeo. We're working to automate this more & more but a lot is still done by hand. Lots of time digging around for videos at the moment!
@internetfancy Thanks man for all this. Other suggestion: A Chrome extension showing the best videos of the Internet in new tabs.
@ldesserrey A chrome extension is a great idea. Could actually be a great way for user submissions as well. The goal for our channels is to aggregate what’s happening online and to uncover videos that you might not always see in the headlines. So this could be a way to help us bring in the pure gold nuggets our algorithms may miss. Thanks for the suggestions!