Scan any highlighted text and leave everything else behind

AutoPick is an easy way to scan and capture text from the real world with the precision of choosing which exact parts of the text to scan before doing the scan itself, at the pace of a single click, plus it can be used to scan multiple individual texts at once.

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Hi PHers, I am extremely excited to launch on product hunt, I love the community, I love the amount of swag that makes it to PH every single day. Thanks, @riaface for the hunt. I'm a solo app developer , here to launch my first app on PH. It all started with my frustration with texting myself on messenger from desktop every-time I needed a few lines of text over to my smartphone, I felt a need to explore a camera based solution to grab information from the real world in the fastest way possible as the camera is the only other sensor in the world after human eyes that can actually see information, and the workaround I found was Autopick, and eventually realized there are even more applications possible with it, such as scanning texts from books, documents etc. That's how it started, after a few initial failed attempts, I first got the optical character recognition working that is the conversion of image to text then I started building the part which would use color / pattern detection to separate the area of interest from the background which took a long time as well as a painful phase of testing, after 2 months I autopicked a text for the fist time that was "Hello World". Today, It's live on Google Play Store, the iPhone version is in the works, and I'm looking for someone to join and expedite it with me and if you're interested please DM me. Please visit our website to know more and download the app on your android device, and play with it for a while, maybe autopick some text, and keep it with you even if you don't have any instant use for it today, because it's one of those things that come handy in unexpected and unpredictable situations. Thanks for listening to me. I wish you a great day. Happy to answer any questions and extremely eager to know your feedback. Let's talk.
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@ajithimself Just downloaded but unfortunately the app keeps crashing
@krishnade Hi, I'm here to help you. Just email me your device brand and model no to It shouldn't have happened in the first place but I'd be happy to get it working for you.
@krishnade kindly update to the latest release, it should resolve the crash. Notify me if the problem still persists, I'm working round the clock to make sure everyone get's an error free, ad free and hassle free experience.
@ajithimself Thanks - tested and works fine now. It would be interesting if it were possible to take a photo and then highlight the content on the phone to then extract info - it's not always possible to physically highlight content
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Great job!! 😊 Would love to have this for IOS ?
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@ayush_chandra Thanks. Yes, it's work in progress.