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Are you seriously using promoted Tweets to ask for upvotes
@minimaxir I believe it's important that anyone that may be interested in new tech can comment, ask questions e.g create good engaging discussions. We don't incentivize or ask specially to just vote, we ask if you the product visit the link(PH) and tell us if you like it or NOT. I am sorry if you feel that we are asking or putting pressure for asking to vote (being positive only). Feedback / comment is worth more than any vote being either negative or positive. It's crucial to receive feedback on products for companies and we hope you see the benefits of companies trying to create better products from the feedback we receive.
@nylanderjens While I am sure you are seeking upvotes, you probably could have achieved almost the same thing without incurring the ire of Hunters by saying "give us your feedback". We use that angle when handling reputation management for clients and it comes across in a much less "leading the witness" way, FWIW
@rushhourlocal I agree 100% after Max comment I actually asked the team to change it... I think it should just say: Give us feedback.
@nylanderjens I think that's a good call on your part. You got my vote! Concept is good.
Good concept, btw. Upvoted :)
I loved it. Let's connect for opportunities sometime.