Connecting drivers and owners with their car’s data

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Love what Automile are doing, I'm really interested in diagnosing car issues myself, and it also looks like they have a solid B2B model for managing fleets of cars. They have just released a 2nd generation device, and you can apply to get one for free, just visit the following announcement.
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If I had a car I would be all over this :)
@leonpals i can't wait to play with the data :-)
@leonpals maybe you can still just plug it in to every car you rent..not sure how the system will react to it though if you constantly switch cars..
@leonpals @jcvangent Whenever you connect Automile to a new car it will add it to your account and remember to store the data belonging to that specific vehicle. This means you can move around your device and it will keep data stored to the right vehicle. @sunekaae is a great example, he tried using Automile when renting different cars at Zipcars. We also provide a nice integration to Carfax to lookup more information about your car.
Looks like a great tool, looking forward to playing with the UI
Looks quite similar to @automattic
@arjunram I think you meant @automatic ( but I guess once of the main differences is that Automile are not US-Only
@arjunram @automatic @mattlanham The main difference is that Automile works in 53 countries using all local carrier networks (GSM). In US it uses AT&T and T-Mobile to provide free roaming with a super tiny protocol that reduces data overhead. It also have a high resolution GPS receiver and the phone is never needed to constantly provide data around your car.
I currently use @dashmobile and @automatic. How different is this? Can I have access to raw car data with @automile? Dash is a free app that works with any OBD2 sensor off of eBay ($10) Automatic is a free app that works only with it's proprietary sensor ($100) Automile? One difference I notice is that this has inbuilt 3G (so connected to cellular network, so subscription fees are necessary)
@dashmobile @automatic @automile @sagz The main difference is that we use GSM + GPS e.g no need of having the phone paired. You can create amazingly IFTTT alike services, check out the if you wish.
@nylanderjens, sounds awesome! Anyway I can try @automile?
@automile @sagz Sure, follow the link above like mentioned by @ mattlanham or here is typeform url
@automile Awesome! Thanks @nylanderjens! I just got the 2nd notification email today. Fingers crossed to be in the early 200 testers :)