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What a time to be alive! It's our great honor to launch a million and one computer vision made gifs on Product Hunt. Over the coming months, gifs.com will be unveiling large scale computer vision, machine learning, and automation projects that tap into the information were collecting. We hope you enjoy our sneak peek . Interested in the whats, whys, and hows? We'd really like if you read our Using Computer Vision to make Millions of Memes Medium Post. Oh yeah, if you visit @heartforgif, and like a tweet, we'll Deal With It your Twitter profile - automatically. Pretty neat, ay? Feel free to reach out at Rory [at] gifs.com, and we'll be here all day answering questions for the lovely crowd!
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@rotemthegolfer @gifcom @heartforgif Rotem thank you so much! We can't stop using guggy :)
The gifs.com team is AMAZING! You guys are super creative, your API docs are great, And your UX/UI Is beautiful! Favorites 歹
@pamevls Pamela you're the best! Beek is too good. Thanks so much for your kind words.
So, @rorybro and the gifs.com team systematically created 1 million+ deal with it GIFs using super advanced robot technology. The best part is the Twitter bot. Visit @heartforgif and like one of the tweets. It'll return something like this:
@rrhoover Ryan, thanks so much for the love, and for all of your help! It's pretty crazy thinking about a million gifs. ^That's only 308! What the heck! And this is a million pennies: I can't wait to see all of the awesome Deal With It gifs that are made with @heartforgif and the PH community!
@rrhoover @heartforgif ahhh...good ol' heartforgif was taken away by the powers that be. @jack, the gifs need you 鳶 EDIT: We're live again! Thank you @twitter
Amazing idea. If Gifs are truly to take over the world, there needs to be automation. What a time to be alive indeed! :)
@jbrowder1 Joshua! Thanks so much for the love. We love everything you're doing with DoNotPay!
Nailed it.
YESH, used to type out 'gif' in youtube URLs earlier, it's one of the greatest things on internet ever :p Wanted to say that converting Youtube vids to gif is truly genius and briliant, kudos!
@kashish_sharma thanks so much for remembering us! We launched gifyoutube on PH, and love the community here :'). Since gifyoutube, we've opened up gifs.com to every video website (e.g. Facebook, Vine, Instagram, etc.) live stream giffing, as well as added tons of effects like frame by frame editing . We can't wait to continue serving all of our users, and opening up new innovative ways to not only edit videos, but also harness the data attached to them.