Automate Ads 3.0

Track user data and events to attribute ad spend

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Hello Product Hunt! 😺 For those of you who don't know us already: Automate Ads is a marketing automation tool for digital advertisers. We are excited to share our biggest addition to the Automate Ads dashboard to date: the Automate Ads User Tracking Library. The Automate Ads User Tracking Library helps digital advertisers: -Track users and on-site or in-app events (including conversions) after an ad is clicked on -Segment this data alongside ad campaign performance data to attribute conversions and other events -Create custom event funnels to visualize user activity and conversion drop off -Coming soon: automatically create custom audiences/remarketing campaigns based on this user data -Coming soon: select custom user events for our automation systems to optimize for Digital advertisers can install our Javascript library to start collecting user data on both websites and iOS apps (Android soon!) This user data can be used to attribute, optimize, and understand ad campaign performance directly from the Automate Ads dashboard. Some of the data the system collects automatically: -Custom Web Events -Custom Mobile Events -URLs -UTM Tags -Browsers -Devices Happy to answer any questions! For more info you can view our documentation here:
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@torbahax This is so great! :)
@nicolasegosum thanks Nicolas! :)
@torbahax really really interesting! what native connections do you have apart from google adwords and facebook power editor? What about twitter ads, or retargeting/remarketing like adroll/perfect audience/google? Also, is it possible to integrate usage of google analytics, mixpanel, and other multi touch attribution tools like bizible or convertro? Could we get some detailed info on the type of event tracking and detailed method for attribution that automate ads uses?
@john_tans Thanks John! 1. Our ad management/optimization side of the product currently supports Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Adwords campaign creation, management, reporting, and automated optimization. We also have Twitter Ad optimization/management in beta with select advertisers (let me know if you are interested!) 2. Unfortunately we can't optimize ad campaigns from third-party retargeting companies because their retargeting campaigns are not run on an individual advertiser's FB/Google Adwords accounts, but rather on company-specific accounts that are owned and controlled by the third-party. That being said, we are working on integrations here specifically for the user tracking side of our product. Advertisers can also certainly run automated retargeting campaigns on their own Facebook or Google Adwords accounts from our dashboard. 3. At this stage of the user tracking system we don't have any other third-party integrations, but, Google Tag Manager support, and Google Analytics integration are on our roadmap for this quarter. 4. Once our library is installed advertisers can track both users, user events, URL's, UTM's, and more to help attribute ad spend more accurately. Advertisers can actually define any custom event in the structure of event ID and event value where event value could be any json object with key value pairs. For more info check out our docs above or feel free to reach out to @Eddie_Farah for any other questions on the technical side. :)
@torbahax I really wanted this tool to work and for it to be used by my team on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the tool has regressed and is 100% unusable for adwords since it simply does not work and is no longer supported. I will highly not recommend anyone to use this at all. There is also close to zero support from the team. It should be removed from producthunt.
We're using Automate Ads to manage our campaigns at and it's the best thing ever. I gotta say we save 2+ hours per week setting everything up and testing. 3.0 is the best launch to date! Congrats, @torbahax!
@nscmnto Thanks Bruno!
hi @torbahax great tool ;) PS: On the top navbar, the Dropdown of "Product" link seems not to work (PC-Windows 8-Google Chrome)
@marcogurnari Thanks! Interesting, thanks for the heads up I'll have the team check into this. :) Edit: fixed! Thanks again for the heads up.
Nice work guys!
Looks great! Can't wait to try it out.