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Hello everyone, We are on a mission to automate, optimize, and unify your digital advertising campaigns with incredible software. Automate Ads is the first fully automated cross-channel ad campaign manager. It eliminates the need for manual day-to-day campaign management by using technology and data science to automate daily tasks such as A/B testing, performance monitoring, ad rotation, pausing poor performing ads, bid optimization, and reporting. Today we are excited to announce our new feature, Automate Reports, which you can see in action with live data from one of our active campaigns here: http://bit.ly/1Mi0rjd With this tool advertisers will be able to create a completely custom performance report for their entire ads account or an individual campaign. They can then save that report for future use, or create a shareable interactive link like the one above to send to their team, boss, or clients. We also recently launched Automation Tasks, which allow advertisers to add our automations systems to their existing campaigns that have been created in native ads managers. Happy to answer any questions about the product or digital advertising in general! PS: Product Hunters get 30% off their first month of our premium service with this code: auto30
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@torbahax Congrats on the launch Andrew (& team)! We've had a similar idea ourselves on this front so your product makes total sense to me. A lot of the advertising legwork can be automated so I'll be intrigued to see how this is received. As a designer I like the look of what you've done, all the best with this!
@fredrivett Thanks Fred! That's great to hear, one of the first things many advertisers say to me is "where were you guys for the past two years?!" Appreciate the design compliment, @formerceo leads our design and branding efforts. :)
@torbahax Congrats on the launch. The service sounds like something we will test out soon and I love the "Steps" format of the product page. Can you share more info on your "neural network" and what the reference to the "$300M ad spend data" is from?
@davedri Thanks! Maybe @cjsysadm will jump in, but here's a high level overview: We have built a programmatic intelligence platform that works on top of the non programmatic Facebook Ads and Google Adwords APIs (meaning not FBx or the Google/DoubleClick Exchanges.) Our platform is constructed of a self-contained deep learning neural network that, for a single campaign, polls the platform API's frequently throughout the day to collect stats on specific creative, targeting, keyword, bid, and budget of the campaign. The neural network then uses this data to match calculated performance data from historical ad spend as well as website/mobile app tracking data. By creating the intelligence system at the campaign level, it allows for us to include true bulk/power user options to mass create cross-channel campaigns that manage themselves.
@torbahax congrats on the launch man, just referred you guys to a friend the other day!
I've been using this for the last 6 months or so (under its previous version and now it's new interface/name.) It's a much easier way of generating multiple variants within the Facebook ad environment. It's much better than the FB native ad management platforms (both normal and Power Editor.) The "optimisation" tech isn't super clear in the app itself so I'd love to see future updates with more clarity. Currently it appears to simply rotates ads, however if there's more to it then I'd love to see that reflected/documented in the platform. Overall I'd recommend using this product if you run ads on Facebook (and especially if you're tired of using Facebook's own ad platform.)
@parrymalm Thanks Parry, Really appreciate your support and feedback! I think you'll find with this build we've given much more control over our automation and optimization systems to advertisers. We've broken it up into separate sections: budget management, creative A/B testing, ad rotation, and bid optimization. In the sections you have control over what each automation system does. Soon you'll be able to add these automation systems on top of already existing campaigns to pick and choose which systems you want applied. Outside of this we are working on better ways for advertisers to understand what each automation system is doing, when, and why as well. Thanks again!
@torbahax @parrymalm would love to see in a future incarnation links with major ESPs to automate updating of custom audiences. Right now it's an annoying manual task with CSV files direct in FB. Anyways free advice haha 😎
Unbelievable support. I have tried emailing them but have not heard back from them. This app charges me twice even after I have cancelled my account. I am not the only one, check out their twitter and facebook pages. https://twitter.com/search?q=%40... https://www.facebook.com/Automat...
Looks like a very interesting service. Much needed. Thanks.
@skprasad Thanks for checking us out!
Been using this for a while. Great product. Great team.
@chrisgscott Thanks Chris :)