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#3 Product of the DayMarch 27, 2018

Automagical uses AI to help you quickly convert blog posts into engaging marketing videos.

  • David Ehrentreu
    David EhrentreuMarketing, design, entrepreneur.



    -good quality

    -able to make video in two minutes without writing new content


    -lack of video styles

    Really enjoyed using this product, so thank you for the promo for product hunters. Working in a digital agency that makes FB videos this tool is something we will most definitely use for our clients.

    David Ehrentreu has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Incredible simple to setup with thoughtful content intelligence.


    None really at the moment.

    This is a fantastic lightweight tool to create engaging content that can be easily shared through social streams. It's a must-have addition to any online marketer's toolkit.

    Matt Backer has used this product for one week.
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Scott Silvi
Scott SilviMaker@scottsilvi · Founder / CEO @ Automagical.AI
Hey PH! Automagical was founded over a few brews last summer at the Rogue Public Ale House in San Francisco, based on the idea that great video content shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. We’ve spent a lot of time since then making a product that extracts the essence of a story from existing content and uses AI to generate a video storyboard… ✨✨Automagically ✨✨ You have full control over customizing things like text, visuals, branding; you can even add custom CTA to drive engagement. Within minutes of supplying your content, you’ll be publishing your video to your social and ad platforms of your choice. We’ve just scratched the surface of what we think is possible with AI-driven content creation, but we’re super stoked to be sharing with the PH community how far we’ve come. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here, or email me directly at Happy creating!
Sujan Patel
Sujan PatelPro@sujanpatel · Co-Founder of Mailshake
Been using Automagical for a months now and love it. I use it to repurpose blog posts content. It usually takes me 5-7 mins per video
Kevin Raheja
Kevin RahejaMaker@crabfisher · Dir. Strategic Partnerships, HubSpot
@sujanpatel Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Sujan. Hope life is treating you well in Austin! We're big fans of your work too :)
akooms@akooms · Entrepreneur/ketchup enthusiast
Been following Automagical's journey for a while now. Great team and solid product! Congrats guys!
Scott Silvi
Scott SilviMaker@scottsilvi · Founder / CEO @ Automagical.AI
@akooms greatly appreciate this, thank you so much!
Ciler Ay
Ciler Ay@memuted · Co Founder & CEO @ Smart Moderation
Great product! Love the idea.Congrats!
Scott Silvi
Scott SilviMaker@scottsilvi · Founder / CEO @ Automagical.AI
@memuted Thank you! Super stoked to be at PH launch day!
Oleg Berman
Oleg Berman@oleg_berman
Amazing product! 🔥 The price point is way higher than expected though 😱
Scott Silvi
Scott SilviMaker@scottsilvi · Founder / CEO @ Automagical.AI
@berman thanks Oleg! We appreciate the feedback - both positive and constructive 🤜🤛
Vedran Rasic
Vedran Rasic@vedranrasic · Creator @ |
@berman that was my first thought, too. Love the idea but it seems a bit $$$. Also I am sure @scottsilvi will follow customer dev process and redesign packages
Scott Silvi
Scott SilviMaker@scottsilvi · Founder / CEO @ Automagical.AI
@berman @vedranrasic yeah, common thread today. We will definitely be discussing this in the coming days.