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Only getting suggestions for renting cars from - has a rating of 1.2/10 on trustPilot.
@stelboe I don't know TrustPilot generates the ranking, but even well established rental car companies like Hertz (1.6/10) or Avis (1.4/10) got a terrible rating on that website. AutoLook covers many different rental car platforms and companies. It really depends on the input you have provided. If you search for other places, for a different time or for a different car category, you will get different results. I hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚
Hey @__tosh, thanks for hunting AutoLook! Rental car providers change their prices quite often. AutoLook tracks the rental car prices in the market and lets you know, when they drop, so you can rebook your rental car. So far, we have found offers for our users, which have been more than 50% cheaper than what they have initially booked. The highest saving on one rental car was $205 (USD). And there is still room for improvement, i.e. bringing the prices further down. AutoLook works globally! We support two languages and more than 150 currencies! More languages will follow.
The page doesn't look trustfull to me. Wouldn't give them my data.
@markusgerke what exactly does it make look not trustworthy to you ๐Ÿ™‚? From your point of view, is there something missing?
@saiedtehrani Yep, some points. At first, its a one pager of an unknown company whose navigation is unreadable. I can only see a small part of the woman's face, which is also a standard stock photo for some bugs. The privacy police are a template by an lawyer, the imprint made by a generator. The first thing what Autolook want (sounds like Outlook btw) is my mail address before I get any information. No trust elements. Only three steps, how it works. Not enough for me.
@markusgerke thanks for your feedback! It is the first version, so there is still room for improvement. ๐Ÿ™‚
Cool product. Curious, how's this different from Autoslash?
Hi @jobosapien, sorry for late reply. For some reason I did not get any notification. Regarding your question: we both try the same thing, but with a different approach. AutoSlash is trying to automate the "rebooking" process, but the problem is that the rental car providers make it rather hard to automate exactly that. Based on what I have read, they have been struggling with that for quite some time. We avoid that problem right now: we let the user do the booking and use the time and resources to innovate in other areas (and there are enough other areas to do that). We don't want to exclude the possibility, that we might offer auto-rebooking later on, but it has to work properly with enough coverage. That being said: It is good that Autoslash exists. There are areas, where we overlap and there are areas, where we are different. We don't really compete with them. It is not a "winner takes all" situation. We both work against the lack of price transparency within the market. There is nothing that speak against using both of our services in parallel. If Autoslash delivers the better offer, take theirs. If AutoLook delivers the better offer, take ours. You won't lose anything. You can only win. ๐Ÿ™‚