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Hi everyone!!! Thank you for your comments and support! Happy to be on Product Hunt! Thank you Dima for hunting us =) ! I’m Vlad, Co-Founder of Reason8. We're happy to launch AI service AutoFAQ that helps you to understand what your clients mean. AutoFAQ is provided via an API and enables instant deployment of conversational Q&A systems based simply on uploaded FAQ. It’s based on our powerful natural language understanding engine, which gets the meaning of user queries, regardless of the way they ask them. Please, check our video https://youtu.be/TY3VatQEdcA and play with the understanding engine on our website: http://reason8.ai Currently we are working on integrations with live chats, and communication platforms such as Slack. We also plan on further improving conversational fluency to simplify knowledge management. If you want to see more features or have any questions, we will really appreciate your feedback! Thanks for checking us out!
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@vladislav_belyaev Cool thing, guys! Do you use deep learning inside? ;)
@che_shr_cat Thanks! Yep, DL is our core feature =) For instance, we bet on GANs for quality.
One of the chatbots application I'm seeing a lot is people use them like to ask questions like FAQs which makes perfect sense since the environment is conversational. I was excited to stumble upon this interesting tool, where you can upload your existing FAQ and then users can start asking textual questions in any way they can imagine. They position it as "somewhat like Google does for search" – you don’t fully understand what exactly you seek, but you still get relevant pages in search results. Check them out and let me know what you think!
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Good job, guys! Have you any plan to evolve your bot in same way?
@he11ya Thanks for asking. We are working on integrations for Slack and other platforms. So, follow up and wait for "srong AI" - fIQ_bot =)
@vladislav_belyaev Sound great! Hope to see your new apps soon.)
Cool guys! What about the pricing?
@taparchi Thanks) we started recently and consider each case thorougly. Just've sent a PM. For similar questions, please to contact us info@reason8.ai
AI AutoFAQ makes AI chatbot smart!