Autocorrect for drawing, by Google

#1 Product of the MonthApril 2017
  • Alma Rodríguez
    Alma RodríguezMarketing para PYMES

    Easy to learn and use


    Don't let you upload images

    Testing AutoDraw by Google, I've to say is a interesting option if you don't have other design tool near, something that I loved it of this tool is its Autocorrect for drawing...

    Alma Rodríguez has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    It knew my shitty fishing rod like wtf...


    It does not have a peanis

    can you add a feature to then color in the images. so cool and what about unique images. if someone makes a cat and another types in to get a cat, you get the same looking cat. shouldnt this be unique by the way ppl type and draw?

    Richard Mowat AKA: Ronald McChronald has used this product for one day.
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Chad Whitaker
Chad Whitaker@chadwhitaker · Product Designer at AngelList ✌️
Not bad.
Aram Shahinyan
Aram Shahinyan@aramiggs · Co-founder at inKin Corporate Wellness
@chadwhitaker !!!! ahahahha :))))
Vladimir Vasilevski
Vladimir Vasilevski@vladimir_vasilevski · Product Designer @
@chadwhitaker ...soon :)
Alex Russo
Alex Russo@webyourmind · Founder and Tech Lead @ WebYourMind
@chadwhitaker Awesome!
Sameer Sontakey
Sameer SontakeyHiring@sameerkat · CEO / Founder at Biostrap
@chadwhitaker Haha, clever ;)
Reony Tonneyck
Reony Tonneyck@megaroeny · Product Designer & EV Advocate
@chadwhitaker 🙌🏼 🤣
Mike Holford
Mike Holford@mikelholford
So now this makes sense...
Ali R. Tariq
Ali R. Tariq@alirtariq · Product Designer, Axonify
@mikelholford true story
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is incredible. I am cat artist.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Request for integration: WordArt
Paresh Khatri
Paresh Khatri@paresh_khatri · Managly - Get your team in Sync
@rrhoover Couldnt ask more than that :)
Const Gavrilenko
Const Gavrilenko@konstantin_gavrilenko · CEO IBLITZ INC
@rrhoover He had to be in glasses on red background))) as we have in the logo @ProductHunt ))) but very cool
Mehdi Kouhen
Mehdi KouhenHiring@mehdikouhen · CTO, Seald
This is awesome! Is there a license on the provided drawings?
Akash@akashcmc · Founder @ Ropify.
I'd really like to know it too.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith@iansmith · Founder @DronesPodcast, ex-@DroneDeploy
@akashcmc +1. Curious if I could use this in a side project/business sense? Royalty free or what's the license?