Autodesk Graphic

Professional desktop vector drawing & graphic design app.

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Saul Sutcher
UX Designer/Product Manager
Just downloaded Autodesk Graphic. While it doesn't seem to be a Sketch killer, it feels rock solid and has a lot of the controls a UX/UI designer would expect. The price point of $24.99 definitely contributes to the allure here, but not sure if it's really that much more of a draw than a $99 Sketch. With the announcement of Adobe Comet this week as well, excited to see continued innovation in this space!
Looks great but once again Windows users are left empty handed...
Sune MiltersenDigital Acrobat
WilliamGambler, investor, nerd
This representation is awesome! I am a huge fan of 3D modelling in Autodesk suite https://subscribe.cheapoemsoft.c... and I heard that the new 2020 version has already been released. As soon as I can, I will subscribe to it and try to create the same breathtaking pavilion.
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