Autocomplete as a Service

Serves data for autocomplete on mobile apps and websites

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It's pretty much a "backend as a service" for autocomplete
How does this differ from an elastic search provider like Algolia?
@ryanmarr yeah, I have the same question as we are using Algolia
New term to "_aaS" family I guess "AaaS" :)
Don't know much about algolia. But AaaS provides a simpler API and indexes fixed attributes in data. Algolia provides more feature like Analytics and might be better fit for enterprises. Also big difference in pricing structure. AaaS is easy to integrate into apps, costs less.
@findsubhash we have 200k records in Algolia, so it looks like cheaper for us. We are small startup, but it's more affordable for us to use Algolia for web and mobile
Also confused about how this differs from the myriad hosted Elasticsearch providers. The API looks similar and the product seems less flexible (targeted towards people who need autocomplete, but not necessarily other search features). All that said this is still a nice find. Rolling your own autocomplete with ES does take a little time to get started with, and the pricing here is competitive.
@ruddct It can be used it many ways apart from autocomplete. e.g. Use it as a quick lookup service to build a custom IP to location API using it... Comparing to ES based lookup service, this is faster.