Our bots read everything, to help you compare anything.

Autocompare is a progressive web app that lets you compare and contrast things you consume and care about. Compare foods. movies, services, and even sports stars with more topics on the way. Our bots do the research freeing you up to make informed decisions

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We're hosting a Slack channel available to all beta testers at where you can ask myself or the team any questions you have about the Autocompare beta for iOS and Amazon Echo

This app helped me to make a better purchase!


So helpful when comparing products!


I can‘t find any.

Love it


Faster than using google


Needs an Apple Watch app

We’re happy to announce that the movies topic has been 🔓unlocked for our beta testers! Now you can compare some of your favorite 🎥🍿movies to see how they stack up. Casting, directors, box office results, reviews. All the data associated with a movie, read and analyzed in realtime to help you decide what to watch. Try the beta from any device at and please give us your thoughts and feedback plus an 👍🏽 upvote really helps.
I love this product, so useful!!