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Congrats on the launch! How is this different than Sylo? (
@markus_schuette I think we address the same problem of music fragmentation. But we have different feature sets and Sylo is iOS only
Hello People, AutoBeat Player is one of the most awesome music players I have found till date. It brings music from SoundCloud, YouTube and your library united in one App. Apart from that, the most standout feature for me it has is its ability to play youtube in the background. I simply love this product!
@siddharth_nahar - haha thank you Siddharth! Happy to see that the Autobeat community is spreading the news :)
Thanks a lot for hunting us @siddharth_nahar Hey everyone I'm Alina - one of the Autobeat Player creators Our goal is to make it extremely easy to find, organize, share and listen to music from different sources like YouTube, SoundCloud and your existing library. With Autobeat Player you can search for songs everywhere with one unified search, create mixed playlists and add songs/videos to your library with one click. The app is free and doesn't require any account. Here are some features we have been working on for the last 6 months: - Use one unified search for all channels - Create cross channel playlists - Share Music with friends - Stream your Music to speakers with Chromecast - Discover new tracks and artists based on your Music taste - Browse in your phone while listening to YouTube using a small floating Player - Listen to YouTube tracks while your phone is locked - Edit your tunes with a multiband equalizer - Customize the Player layout with (probably the most powerful) theme engine The app is in public beta (unreleased) but can be downloaded already and should be totally usable :) I'm happy to answer all your questions and would love to hear your feedback!
@philipp_langhans2 cool product! I wrote your article from HackerNoon: could you please share insights how you manage delta updates? I mean is there any options to update only business logic part? (I'm using React)