Automatically add subtitles / captions to a videos with the power of AI. Directly in your browser in just a few clicks.
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Hey Product hunt! Sabba From VEED.IO Here Our subtitles / caption tools has been one of our most popular tools and our users always tell us how much they like it. So in true startup mentality, we have spent months making it even better adding new styles, revised UI/UI and now the biggest new product to date. Automated subtitling We are also celebrating a huge new milestone too. We just reached 200 paid users in just 6 weeks!!!! You can find out how we reached that goal here We will be online all day answers any questions and also implementing feedback in realtime, so let us know what you want to see.
@sab8a Hey everyone, I am Tim (tech co-founder). Just wanted to add that we have gone through many iterations of the product to get where we are today. Slowly but surely we are adding new big features every week. Automatic subtitles was one that took quite a bit of time for us to complete, and we are really excited to release. Always looking forward to any feedback on how we could improve the product for you!
Awesome product guys, really simple to use! Is there no limit to what AI can do these days?!
@calum_moore At the moment we have english only subtitles, but we are adding multilanguage support as we speak :)
@calum_moore @timur_mamedov_ @joaoalexconsult we have now does this and we are testing it in DEV. Should be live in the next few days
@sab8a oh my that will be amazing.
Hi @joaoalexconsult you can now subtitle videos in Portuguese :)
This is an amazing product, created by two passionate co-founders who exude grit, from an inspiring startup guided by a fantastic vision!
@darren_liang1232 thank you so much for the support Darren! You have really made my week, you can imagion how much comments like this keep us going!! Thank you
You are approaching to really huge market! Good job!