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Reveal Auto-Boosting for Facebook posts is a tool helping you maximize reach and engagement of best performing Facebook page posts. Reveal tracks organic performance of Facebook posts and, once a post meets your custom conditions for auto-promotion, it creates an ad set based on the post and notify you via email or Slack.

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  • Mike KarloffResonance Software, COO

    Highly effective, relatively cheap and super easy to use!


    none that I can think of.

    Super useful for post-boost automation. Sit back and let Reveal do what it needs to do!

    Mike Karloff has used this product for one month.


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Mikhail TrofimovMaker@trof · CEO & Co-founder of Reveal
Thanks for featuring us Kevin! And cheers to the PH community 😎 Glad to be back with our big new release! Reveal started its journey as Facebook Ads chatbot a bit over a year ago: Since then we’ve added advanced automated rules and custom reporting. And today we’re introducing our new big feature that was highly requested by our clients – Facebook posts auto-boosting. Auto-boosting helps identify and promote your best content on Facebook, here is how it works: - choose when and what posts to auto-promote, - configure target audience and budget, - set notifications in Slack and email. Feel free to give it a shot with our free two week trial and let us know what you think:
Olga Zykina@olga_zykina
@trof How exactly does it filter out the ‘best content’ on Facebook? Can I define those criteria myself?
Mikhail TrofimovMaker@trof · CEO & Co-founder of Reveal
@olga_zykina Thank you for the question! You have full control over conditions for posts to promote: the number of comments, reactions, shares; also: negative reactions, reach, impressions, and video views. So for instance, you can choose to auto-boost video posts that got 100+ 10-second video views and 10+ shares, and also got 0 instances of negative feedback — all in the 4 hours since being posted.
Iskander MusaevMaker@iskander · CCO & Co-Founder at Reveal
Thanks everyone for supporting Reveal ✌️ Let me throw in a few more things about the Auto-Boosting to help you set it up. First, I'd suggest to check out the article to learn more: And scan through our help article for some more confidence: As you see, the concept is pretty straightforward – you define conditions and your Facebook posts that match them get promoted, so feel free to start right away and we'll look forward to your feedback. And let's start the discussion – ask us any questions. Cheers!
Rahul Lakhaney@istereotype · Investment Partner 971 Launchpad Dubai
I have been using it for almost 4 months now. Absolutely love it. Love the support. One of the best purchases for anyone running facebook ads, hands down.
Mikhail TrofimovMaker@trof · CEO & Co-founder of Reveal
@istereotype thank you for a great feedback, Rahul!
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! I’m very happy @trof you created this cause in the internet there are so many spammy Auto post like apps which do their job but take your info and post crap on it, I’m assuming that it doesn’t take personal info. My two questions are firstly Are the likes or reactions are of random fb contacts or what? Secondly :- will you be making any such app for Instagram , Twitter in order to increase followers. Thanks 😊
Mikhail TrofimovMaker@trof · CEO & Co-founder of Reveal
@ayush_chandra thank you for the feedback and great questions :) The likes and reactions are from your current Facebook posts and we're going to support Instagram as well, stay tuned!
Gregg Housh@gregghoush · Activist, CTO, TV Consultant
Does the platform support auto boosting to a specific custom audience? I’m using a pixel on one of our sites and would want to boost to that audience.
Iskander MusaevMaker@iskander · CCO & Co-Founder at Reveal
@gregghoush sure, you can just save that audience in Facebook and it would show up in the Target Audience dropdown in Reveal. Please let me know how that works once you try it.