Authpush is an easy, code-less way to send push notifications to your users.

We also have an API at

Also made by a 15y/o.

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Way to go! I have a 6 YO super interested in coding. He has been doing free classes online. What do you recommend for him?! Also, I can’t wait to share this product you built. Keep making a difference in the world. :)
@prsarahevans Just let them play around and learn by himself. That’s how I did it 😆
@williamsthing learn the basics though, of course!
Not an ordinary thing to do for a 15 year old :) How did you come up with this @williamsthing?
@amrith I made other apps in Node JS using the APNS service and always found it boring to make. Also loads of web developers go through the hassle of making an app just so that their users can receive notifications, even if their website is responsive mobile. So I just made something to help everyone out, including me :)
@williamsthing that's pretty thoughtful of you 🙌 keep it up :)
Hi William this is great. Seriously, well done! I’ve been looking for something like this to send push notifications via my web app. Unfortunately I have signed up to your site but the email with my pin hasn’t come through.
@mickc79 Having the same problem :(
@mickc79 will fix it when I get home. Just login for now and things should work!
@janva255 just login with your email + password, email verification not fully implemented yet.
Hey William any plans for android push services for Authpush !!!
@almassayyed yes! That’s the next big update I’m working on.
@williamsthing sure eagerly waiting to try it 🙏 for sharing and wish many more success !!!
Any guide or updated docs on how to implement or integrate this on a PHP web app? Thanks @williamsthing
@menjilx Working on AJAX / REST API you can use with PHP atm! I'll let you know when it's ready.