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Your one solution for everything:

- Back up all your articles automatically

- Build your own email following

- Find out how your stories are performing on social media.

Example of a public Authory page: The private page, accessible only by the respective journalist, includes the full text version of all articles + images.

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Johannes Schickling
Johannes Schickling@_schickling · Co-founder & CEO of Prisma
Massive congrats on the launch! 🎉
ehauchMaker@ehauch · CEO, Authory
@_schickling Thank you for all the support :)
Zach Segal
Zach Segal@zosegal · Work @Coinbase &
This is a really neat product. Where did the idea come from @ehauch?
ehauchMaker@ehauch · CEO, Authory
@zosegal thanks, I appreciate you saying that :) I came across an article from one of my favourite journalists on a big news site. And I only saw the article by chance. So I was thinking it's quite a shame that there is no one reliable way to be notified about new articles by specific journalists, regardless of where they publish their articles. That was the point when I decided to talk to journalists and find out what they think of the idea. I had many conversations and it turned out that journalists didn't only appreciate a solution to keep their readers updated on new articles, but wanted something that they themselves could use to track and backup their articles. That's how Authory came to be: An easy solution for journalists to keep track of and back up their articles while keeping their readers updated via email.
Radica Vuckova
Radica Vuckova@radica_vuckova · Blogger, Content Writer, Freelancer
This is amazing. You can store your articles and find works from your favorite authors :O Keep up the work! I am soon writing an article for it...
ehauchMaker@ehauch · CEO, Authory
@radica_vuckova thanks Radica, looking forward to your article. And give me a shout if you've got any questions:
Alexander Beletsky
Alexander Beletsky@alexbeletsky · CEO,
This is a great idea and seems to be a real pain-killer for a lot of people on publishing. I wish all the best on moving this forward!
Clément Chanut
Clément Chanut@deleted-1000470 · Marketing Assistant, PartyPlay
I love it !