Authority (2nd edition)

Learn to profit from self-publishing

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Congrats on the launch @nathanbarry -- it's amazing how many creators I've talked to who attribute tens of thousands of dollars of their launch revenue to this book.
Thanks @delk. I'm not sure I realized just how big of an impact the book has had until I read all the Amazon reviews that came in over the last couple days!
hey @nathanbarry, awesome stuff - i'm excited to read it! Can you give us a few nuggets? what are a few things that we don't most likely know that we need to read your book to learn?
3 things: 1. You can make a living by writing on a technical topic if you self-publish. Most authors with tech publishers get a $7-10k advance that they never earn out. It's not unreasonable to make $10k in the first month you launch your book if you follow the plan in Authority. 2. The right pricing can triple your revenue. This is a combination of value based pricing and using tiered packages. 3. Email marketing will get you the best ROI of any marketing channel. And you can leverage that for future books or products. Also, if you want to read some reviews, there are a ton on Amazon: