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Hey there Product Hunt! There MUST be a better, easier way to keep up with Tweets on JUST the topics you really care about – at your own pace and without all the noise of your timeline. We filter your timeline into streaming “stories” on whatever topics you’re interested in. Kind of like a “social DVR.” You can even edit the stories and share them with your followers, or find a community of Twitter users already sharing stories around a similar interest. You can even create your own automated blog filled with topical stories – all just by using Twitter content! Would love to hear you feedback, thanks!
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Hey everyone - LOVE this new books initiative from Product Hunt announced today! We love writers. In fact, AuthorBee is ALL ABOUT stories and we have several "Twitter authors" writing everything from "Tweetstorms" (e.g., ) to longer form fiction, publishing stories to Twitter via AuthorBee. Here's an example...
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Start a story... and don't worry if there's not much to begin with. There WILL be... as AuthorBee filters your timeline for you automatically from now forward. AuthorBee can notify you when relevant new posts are added - or just check back any time at your own pace.