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We created a Mac writing app with simple user experience, professional typography sets and integrated publishing platform. Author brings you a new creative and productive environment where you can focus on your writing and can publish instantly. Let us know what you think! We offer you 3 months publishing for free to fully experience the app. Just download the app from the Mac App Store and insert your email on our website. Example documents: Photo story Complex document Recipe Novel Example collection of documents: Recipes
@jurajivan Where did you get the nice illustrations you see in the examples and templates? I.E. the image of a bird in the "Falling in love with Nature" essay template or the image of the grapes in the recipe example? Also, in the "Falling in love with Nature" essay how do you get the small illustration at the bottom to be centered? It seems that when I insert an image and make it small, the editor forces me to put it to the right or the left.
@ianwalter Hi Jan, I think we bought these illustrations from some stock website. The slider might be a bit misleading. To achieve a small and crisp image, resize is to a smaller resolution before inserting. You can also add @2x to image name to make it display at half size.
I love the way this editor works. Elegant simplicity with just enough power to be usable a lot. My real problem with it is as I've expressed in feedback to the company is that I can't use it to publish where I want to publish via ftp. Add that and I can see it being a great static site generator. Unfortunately, it also lacks templated and easy navigation setup, etc, but for what it is it really is a great start. They've expressed that they may go in that direction, but no guarantees. Right now just too limited from a publishing perspective to be useful to me.
Its unclear to me who your customer is. It isn't an "organizational" creation tool the way Scrivener is, but seems focused solely on publishing a clean looking layout to your cloud service - therefore an end of workflow personal writing publisher solution. What are the benefits to the competitive end-of-workflow? Will customers outgrow those benefits - esp if they want to move easily to POD, or generate various ebook formats?
@lynnfredricks We want to show people that it is really simple to create a nicely designed story, one that can spark creativity and help others get immersed in their content. We focused on experience from creating to instant publishing to the web directly. We do not plan exporting to the ebook format or POD services, other apps do it well. You can export to plain text or plain html and use your content wherever you want. Give it a try and maybe you find this 'publishing freedom' interesting too :)
Is this like iWeb?
@chrismessina Well, not really. It is not supposed to create a complex websites, we want to give everybody possibility to publish their work and ideas directly from Mac to the web, without the need to make a website or set up a blog service.
@jurajivan so a desktop-driven competitor to Medium?
@chrismessina We don't want to compete with Medium – we like them. Sometimes I want to publish and share things independently as a standalone piece, sometimes as a collection of documents. All this can be done easy in Author.
@jurajivan - this is a nice, clean looking UI - I can see where it would appeal to a non-technical user who wants to easily put content online. It would be nice to see some sample sites(?) linked to see how things look on the web. Edit: I see now some of the photos on the page link to posts/sites.