Unofficial multiplatform SoundCloud® app for your desktop

A SoundCloud app which integrates into your desktop. Never do you have to switch and find your browser tab again. With these native desktop integrations, you'll be listening to SoundCloud while being more productive.

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It isn't really the best time to release a SoundCloud anything right now, with all the negative news reports, but I love SoundCloud. I'm a graduating student Applied Information Sciences, and I decided to try and make this desktop app from scratch back in November. Without any knowledge of Electron or React, I dove head-first into this project. Even tho there may still be some bugs and imperfections, I think I did an allright job for a version 1.0. Looking forward to your reactions.
@jonassnellinckx No, let's prove it's a great time. Great app! If I still had my Apple developer account I'd offer to sign a binary for you (Maybe someone else will see this and help you out).
Tested this on my Mac, works great, good job :) What are your thoughts on Electron?
@pierre_hedkvist I really like it. Small learning curve (if you know javascript), which makes it easy enough to build small apps. But it's definitely versatile enough to tackle bigger projects aswell. Once you're setup, it's pretty much as easy as developing a website.
Congrats on the launch! How would you describe the differences between this and apps like SoundCleod and Soundnode? FWIW, I got this error when I first signed in: "Request was not processed by the server due to an error and is safe to retry" (MacOS 10.12.6 + Chrome)
@chrismessina For me it's most of all a learning experience, but short said, there isn't much (right now), but it's only version 1.0. Soundcleod is just a wrapper around it, so I would think it would be harder to incorporate into your desktop experience. I've used Soudnode myself but I felt it was a bit buggy and messy at times. If you compare it to this, Soundnode has more functionality right now. But I have some cool stuff planned. And you can submit an issue at
@jonassnellinckx right on — started using it, nice work! Definitely a nice addition that you're integrating w/ the API directly to avoid Soundnode's API access limitations. I'll go file a few issues I found.
@chrismessina The API access limitations are unfortunately the same
@chrismessina SoundCloud doesn't have public API's for everything. Their internal API's are usable, but it takes some digging and things might suddenly break. There's also a 15000/24h streaming limitation.
@jonassnellinckx got it... too bad! So, the more popular you get, the more likely it is you'll get shut down? Sad. Would it be possible to add a setting so I can use my own developer API to avoid those limitations?
Have to try it.. looks neat!
Looks like a great app, can't wait to try it. I'm also glad people still have faith in the platform and primarily its community 🎉