A complete game changer for crypto traders

Aurox allows you to trade on multiple crypto exchanges from a first true all-in-one desktop trading terminal.
Compared to existing crypto trading terminals, Aurox is the first that allows you to completely customize your trading environment .
  • Pros: 

    Intuitive, easy to use. Trades are quick and efficient. Volume profile is included in charting software. Workspace experience is amazing.


    Needs to add more exchanges

    I've been using Aurox since it's limited beta release. The first thing I notice in the current version is the incredible commitment of the developers to be better their product. Aurox improved dramatically, and all the quality of life suggestions have been accounted for. The app in it's current form is a pleasure to use, and i only expect it to get better. and of course, it looks amazing! 7d9821438947801e240db2d8874031a5490c6e3d9e803be81569abdcd4972f3a

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  • Robert Hoddenbagh
    Robert HoddenbaghTech entrepreneur

    The UI is so much better than any other software I've tried. Don't have to stay logged in to a browser window.


    I definitely haven't found an alternative as complete as this. I think there are some exchanges that can be added ultimately.

    I have used Aurox since the beta release because I'm always looking to find an edge in trading. I have been pleasantly surprised by the development and the intuitive nature of the interface.

    Robert Hoddenbagh has used this product for one month.
Thanks @bojansavikj for hunting us. Hello ProductHunt, For years, Crypto traders have been frustrated over disorganized trading through browsers and the constant monitoring of multiple exchanges at once. Not anymore. Aurox, a destkop based terminal, was born out of necessity for the average and professional Cryptocurrency trader. Finally, you'll be able to create custom workspaces, trade across multiple exchanges, and so much more. Tired of having a subscription to W for alerts, X for automatic trading, Y for multi exchange trading, and Z for saving charts? With Aurox, you can do all that in one single platform. Additionally, our system was designed with the utmost security. Stop trusting websites to safely store the keys to your money! Aurox encrypts your API keys and stores them in memory, never transmitting them plain text keys to our servers. One hour with Aurox, and you'll never go back to trading via browsers again. P.S. use coupon "ProductHunt" to get an additional $10 off the monthly price.
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After Aurox releases all features from its road map the crypto space will be changed forever.
Finally something different and way better compared to countless Coinigy clones
Have you talked to they could be a great partner for you guys