A smart home speaker with style and class.

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This links to a YouTube video without any links to a home page or anything? And then it says coming soon on KickStarter... It's essentially a prelaunch to a prelaunch on KickStarter. That's rough, even by my standards.
@joshuapinter thanks for letting me know! Seems the "More Info" link somehow got pointed to just the video on our landing page. We have fixed this issue- Cheers!
Why do tech products always look so obviously electronic? I believe that if the device lives in our homes, it should become a part of your interior. As the designer of the AURORA Network Speaker, I wanted to create something which was functional all the time and blends into its surroundings. Having bought multiple portable speakers in the past, I realized how inherently useless the box was when I wasn't listening to music. Many times, this resulted them ending up in the closet or in a drawer. The AURORA's predecessor, the ARiNA Bluetooth Speaker, was launched last year. The response was extremely positive and continues to be in production. 3 main requests I had was to allow wireless charging, connect multiple speakers, and add more bass. The team has been working hard the past 5 months redesigning and adding more features. I hope you like what we came up with! For any questions, feel free to email me at