A floating browser to keep you entertained and productive

Aurora is a floating browser to keep you entertained and productive.

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> A floating browser to keep you entertained and productive Hm, I didn’t know that “distracted” is a synonym to “productive”.
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@metaword depends on what you use it for. What about using it for watching training/educational material while working without disrupting your workflow? It's a tool, how you use it is totally up to you.
@wesleybevins Well, for an average person like me this doesn’t work at all. We, the human beings, are awful at multitasking. I know a tonne of publications proving it but haven’t seen any disproving and never experienced by myself any benefits of doing more than one thing at a time. There is a joke that multitasking is a way to screw up several things at a time.
How is this different from Helium?
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@codymclain thanks, I needed a Windows app
@codymclain well you can see this costs $2 vs helium that is open source and free
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@codymclain good question Cody, thanks. The main difference is the addition of global shortcuts to control most of the functionality of the application, which saves you from having to refocus the app every time you want to adjust the window opacity, pause a video, etc. You can also collapse the window into its title bar with a shortcut to quickly get it out of the way when you need to focus.
Hello Product Hunt community! :) Aurora is a floating browser window that makes it easy to stay entertained while staying productive. A few key features are: - Aurora always stays on top of other windows - Control of window opacity. When transparency is enabled, Aurora will ignore interaction with the window so you can work on windows behind it without Aurora interfering - Window is collapsible into title bar - Videos on Youtube, Vimeo, etc display in pop out mode - Local file viewing - Customizable global shortcuts for controlling window opacity, collapsing, and controlling media playback A demo is available here:
Thanks for checking it out! :)
Does it support flash? Not that I want to use flash, but some sites still choose to.
@neurohacked @weselybevins - agreed, need to know this too. I find that Helium doesn't work for me as it uses the Safari browser and for cases like streaming sports (from say NBCSN) - it doesn't work all too well. Would love to know before I buy! Thanks!
@neurohacked @taylorbarr it does not support flash, good question!
Helium is free and does 99% of what anyone needs.