A Javascript framework built for the future of the web.

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Developer @EisenbergEffect has done a knockout job with his team's release of Aurelia. As an alternative to AngularJS, it has tons of potential. Here's a post comparing Aurelia and Angular2.0 side by side: http://eisenbergeffect.bluespire...
Going through the tutorials and some examples, I'm pretty impressed with Aurelia already. I also liked how the examples/ docs encourage you to use better third party libraries (like JSPM and Gulp) as well as ES6. I'm little dissatisfied with the quantity+quality of the docs and tweeted Rob about it. He said that it is just temporary right now and they are working on some interactive docs ( I like the name as well - it is as beautiful as the framework itself. Congratulations on shipping a great framework and Good luck!
@ashokgelal Thanks. I promise you will really like the new docs we are working on. We are actually leveraging aurelia itself to create a custom documentation language that will allow us and any community member to easily author interactive documentation for both aurelia or their own projects. You can see an early preview of what a page of documentation might look via our PoC