3-Minute meditations, personalized by AI 😃

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 11, 2017
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Hi Product Hunters! This is Steve, co-founder of Aura. My brother @thedannylee and I dropped everything to make mental health care simpler and more affordable for everyone. Mindfulness has transformed our lives, and we wanted to help everyone relieve stress & anxiety effortlessly through creating an AI-powered mindfulness app. Unlike other meditation apps, Aura algorithmically chooses the best meditation for you every day. After each meditation session, you rate the session and Aura learns about what works for you best, and it even improves the recommendation for other users similar to you. Even better, Aura’s meditations are really just 3-minutes and are created by the top meditation teachers, therapists, and universities in the world. Aura’s free forever to meditate once a day, and Premium users get to meditate whenever they want—they choose how they’re feeling, and Aura chooses the best session for them. We publicly launched on TechCrunch on January 1 of 2017 (, and we’re very excited to be on Product Hunt with all of you! Please try us out for free at Thank you for hunting us, @lylemckeany!
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@stevel_sk @thedannylee @lylemckeany Congratulations on the launch! "After each meditation session, you rate the session and Aura learns about what works for you best, and it even improves the recommendation for other users similar to you." - I'm a really big fan of this idea. Somethings don't work for some people and mental health is a very personal issue - if you get stuck doing something you don't like, then it really isn't helping you and you will most likely not improve. Thank you! Can't wait to use it
@stevel_sk @thedannylee @lylemckeany sounds very promising. Does it have iOS Health integration?
@kevinguebert thanks for the kind words :) I hope you enjoy!
@adrian_knoll We're working on it right now :)
@kevinguebert Thank you Kevin!
I tried this app and I think that from now on I have a new habit))
@olga_olegovna amazing to hear :) thank you for all your support!
@thedannylee thank you for the great app!)
@olga_olegovna Thank you Olga :)
I think Aura is a great app and has been quite successful in attracting users on Get Worm. Great job Steve and Daniel - I wish you will do great on PH! :-)
@sarthakmoghe Thanks Sarthak! GetWorm has been amazing helping us get Beta Testers in the early days, it's truly a unique product!
@sarthakmoghe Thanks Sarthak!
Nice minimal interface. Can you tell us how you arrived at 3 minutes? I feel like that is a mini-session, not to say it would not be useful.
@ggnall thanks for the kind words! We've been beta testing our meditations with our users and in the beginning we even started from 1 minute meditations all the way up to 7 minutes. We found 3 minutes to be the sweet spot as it was the easiest for our users to truly form a daily habit around practicing mindfulness. 3 minutes is also the average time of a song, so many people were used to the length. We believe in the regularity of the practice as opposed to 1 lengthy session (which makes it infinitely harder to form a habit); and even though 3 minutes might seem short, within a few weeks you really start to see the positive impact mindfulness is having on your life :)
@thedannylee @ggnall Love this logic. I've struggled with making meditation a habit, even using Headspace. Hoping Aura helps with that!
@michaelcjoseph Thanks Michael, I cant wait for Aura to help you build a healthy habit!
I've been trying this app on and off since the closed beta and find that this is the closest thing to having a truly effective morning routine distilled into an app. And its gotten better and better since. Like with any of these types of techniques (like other mindfulness apps) I think the benefits will only be seen after a good stretch of consistent use. I'm trying to stick to the habit of using it everyday and look forward to the continued refinement of the experience
@omnialx thank you for the kind words! I hope Aura continues to help you reach your goals of forming a healthy habit :) Please don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime
@omnialx Wow, thanks Alex! So happy to hear you're enjoying Aura :)