Aura by Digital Storm

Insane computer mounted on the back of a 34" curved monitor

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Digital Storm crams a 10-core CPU and GTX 1080 inside an all-in-one PC that's stuck on the back of a 34" curved monitor.
Only 1 problem. 60hz refresh rate on the wide-panel. Will wait for upgrade to at least 100hz+
Wow. This looks incredible.
Always happy to see someone trying to find another way to put a PC together than the ol' drab box. Still waiting for a hanging PC (mother board on one level of a planter, etc). Then I could hang it decoratively in the corner and use wireless HDMI to drive the TV I already have.
Do the GPU and CPU not get too hot for the screen?
@nicolashitz The actual thermal report on these will tell the full story, but there are usually fans around the really hot parts and the chassis is designed in a way to optimize for thermal venting. If it's successful, I'll bet you'll see some slick after-market liquid cooling solutions for this space, as it's picking up traction in SFF gaming systems already. Source: I organized a standards-based AIO solution for Intel (Thin Mini-ITX).