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@PVULLEE why did you decide to make this product?
@nzieber Hi Nick! There's 2 main reasons: (1) Prof Andrew van Hasselt, a world leading figure in Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders came up with this idea. Hearing is unique to everyone but this fact is not obvious. Most go about life without realizing it and missing out on quality of life; (2) Personal experience. My Grandma-in-law was a very healthy, very social lady in her 80's. She was the life of the party in my wedding in 2003. Then she got hearing loss, didn't like hearing aids, and very quickly went into isolation. Within 2 years she became vegetative and very soon after, died. If there was a better and more enjoyable way for her to keep in touch with the world, I am convinced she'd still be dancing today. tl;dr - because this is just a damn cool and impactful idea that no one has ever done, and it is backed by science, not gimmick.
This is cool - it measures each person's unique hearing and calibrate audio to best fit your ears. This is what's been missing in audio always!
Great hunt! I had the chance to have the device in my hands on the last PH meeting in Hong Kong and its really robust and light, not the kind of thing you wouldn't want to carry around. I'll get one as soon as I manage to make some money out of my own startup! lol
Had a chance to try the app and the hardware device at PMQ in Hong Kong. First you perform a listening test which will determine your hearing quality for each ear. Your own hearing profile is saved on the hardware device. Wherever you plug this thing in - at the end you get audio in the perfect frequency. I think its a very cool idea and the success on Indiegogo speaks for itself. Good luck Paul!
@simmenfl Thanks Florian!