August Smart Lock (3rd Generation)

Control your door & give access through your smartphone.

Lock and unlock your door with your phone and Give keyless entry to family, friends or even the dog walker. With DoorSense™ always know your door is closed and locked. The lock’s compact design easily attaches to your existing deadbolt so you can still use your regular keys.

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We're excited to launch our 3rd generation of August Smart Locks today. The new August Smart Lock comes in at a lower price and incorporates a new, more compact industrial design while keeping the best features of our previous generations and adds a feature we've been very excited about: DoorSense. All other smart locks know whether the deadbolt is thrown but in addition to knowing whether the lock is locked, the DoorSense Sensor tells your lock whether your door is open or closed so you know your home is secure and the deadbolt isn't thrown while your door is swinging in the wind. With DoorSense you can set up alerts and enable Instant Auto-Lock which automatically locks your door as soon as you close it behind you.
@jcjohnson Congrats! Do you guys have videos of how the new August Smart Lock is installed? (The main question is, can I attach it to an existing deadbolt or do I have to disassemble it?) It's not immediately clear from the website how to install it. Thanks!
@jcjohnson Hello, congrats. Does this work with sliding doors? Specifically, something like this Thank you.
@jcjohnson Please please please make a brass or gold version. I live in an HOA and I want to buy one. I just have to have everything match. :(
@antonio_bustamante "Easily attaches to the existing deadbolt so you can also use your regular keys. BUY NOW"
@antonio_bustamante The August locks attach to almost any standard deadbolt which is what is on most residential entry doors.
Its exactly not clear how exactly it works form your website.
@evivz Vivek, the August Smart Lock is a retrofit lock that gets installed on the inside of your existing single cylinder deadbolt. You can find the installation instructions here: Using the August app, you can unlock/lock your door using bluetooth. When paired with the August Connect, you can remotely access the door in order to retrieve status and lock/unlock if needed.

Setting up key code entry for deliveries and pickups is extremely convenient and I look forward to testing out how this goes with various services moving forward.

The biggest asks:

• Customize my notifications - I love receiving confirmation when I leave that the door was locked behind me, but would like to turn off all of the notifications regarding my room mates coming and going.

• Auto generate and fill August temporary key code into shipping details in other Android apps upon checkout.


Passcode entry for deliveries, easy to enter/exit when carrying my bike


Remote wifi connection not working, notification settings not customizeable