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Reminds me of Pencil :) I wish I had the patience (or time!) to use apps like these. :( @seanwing tell us the story here!
August is about artists. Being heard as an artist is just about as likely as hitting the lottery. For every Taylor Swift and Annie Leibovitz there are thousands more equally talented yet to be heard. We fans love the thrill of discovering and connecting with rising and established artists, but lacking the time and tools needed to find them, are left unexposed to the creative voices in the world. Artists need a powerful outlet for their voice, so we created August, alongside visionary artists like Chris Burkard and Maroon 5’s Ryan Dusick. A platform for artists to tell their stories, capturing the imagination and wonder of the billions of people who want to discover and be part of their world. August was built to give the world's imagination a voice, from the next generation of artists to anyone with a story to tell. With August, you can document life as beautiful, real-time stories that you continually add to over time and people can follow to experience as your story unfolds. You can also use August to discover and curate music, photography, films and writings from a global community of August Artists. That is August! :)
@seanwing cool product -- could see a lot of SF Bay Area artists jumping on this - including a lot of my friends.
@samir_doshi thank you! I'd love to discuss ways to share August with those artists and friends if possible?
Check out some of the Stories on August: F1 Racing in Snow (Red Bull) - to Exploring Iceland w/OLYMPUS - to Shooting Heli Skiing (Chris Burkard) - There are thousands more on August!
@lekanb @markkawano storehouse is wonderful! August takes a very different direction by focusing on real-time storytelling amongst a social audience of friends and followers. Plus, August allows you to discover short-form content - music, photography, films, writings - from artists as well.
I've been using August for awhile and love it! Biggest difference from other apps for me is the ability to discover artists that there is no way I would have found before. The quality of the content is a step above everything else I've used!
Love the design! But don't fully understand is it only for creative people such as musicians, filmmakers etc.? Or is it also for people who just love creating and reading interesting stuff?
@ligoalexandr it is for both! August allows you to create and share your stories, as well as discover artists whose work you can reshare with friends or save to collections. If you want to be an artist on August who to publishes their work for others to discover alongside their stories, then you must grab an artist invite from another artist. The result is a place where anyone can tell visuals stories in a real-time, continue narrative, as well as discover new music, photography, films and writings from a global community of August Artists. Does that make sense? :)