Personalize Web Apps with Public Data from Anonymous Traffic

#5 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2014
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Hey everyone, I'm a founder at Augur. Would love to learn about your current project, answer any question, and see how I can help in anyway. Thanks for excitement! If you're into hacking, check out the easter eggs I put on our jobs page .. a bunch of keygen music and ascii art I custom made. haha =)
WOW, even for email that I don't advertise much, it gave me very broad profile of myself. Like! Interested to know the technology.
I saw this get posted on HN back in November and was blown away. So glad to see it get some nice design and layouts. Super interesting information and direction. Congrats on the new launch!
Looking forward to putting this to use.
Hey @HustleNHack (Nawar)! I love what you are up to with Augur :) We are working in a similar space with and I'd love to chat. Ping me!