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Hey Everyone, We are very happy and a bit anxious to present Augment for Chrome to Product Hunters :-). Phew, I said it. So we thought there is this trend of unbundling all services - all products want to be very good at one thing - just one thing. So there needs to be some service that allows us to access multiple apps from one location. As entrepreneurs, we faced this problem of missing out on stuff because we failed to process emails containing issues, feature request etc at times. So we wrote Augment ! Right now we are just available in Gmail - we will soon be available on other platforms too. Let us know what you think.
Tell me more! What apps can I access within Gmail?
@ryanpaugh As of now, you can access Evernote, Calendar, Dropbox, Trello, Asana, Github and Todoist .
@ryanpaugh We are working on more integrations as well.
@ahmedzain66 Some apps we use that would be nice to be able to integrate with are Help Scout, Slack, Pivotal Tracker.
@ryanpaugh Thanks! We will assess and consider these apps as well.
@ahmedzain66 slack slack slack!